The Operational Intelligence Specialist

Vigilance Group

The promise to inspire integrity and distribute prosperity - one individual, one community, one nation at a time.

We are the one-of-a-kind ‘Operational Intelligence Specialist’ of the region, focused on helping build trust. We detect inefficiencies, identify opportunities, mitigate threats and provide operational solutions. We help leaders reduce risk, manage compliance, navigate litigation and make confident decisions. We empower people to make better-informed business decisions. As a dedicated intelligence specialist, we do not provide volume-based, database-driven information or consulting services.

Intelligence that Fuels Integrity

Combination of machine-learning and human intelligence creates a powerful blend to continuously adapt and outperform fraudsters, as your business evolves. Comprehensive fraud detection requires dealing with an increasing variety, volume, and velocity of data.

Intelligence that Fuels Opportunity

Most fraud mitigation scenarios focus on removing opportunity by strengthening controls. We are strengthening organizations to lead, design and facilitate economic progress as part of a larger vision of inspiring the world with economic opportunities shaped through ethical business practices.

Core Competencies

The breadth of our experience, combined with a highly sophisticated infrastructure and resource pool enable us to operate at the highest level of expertise across a vast range of sectors.

Focus Areas

We are building innovative solutions in markets where provenance matters and where transparency is key to ensuring ethical trade. We are helping re-establish trust in the global marketplace focusing on specific areas.