Quality Policy

1. Purpose

Quality is the foundation of our company and is entrenched in our core competencies and values.

2. Scope

 This Quality Policy Statement applies to all employees, consultants, clients, contractors, vendors and anyone who is associated with Dubai Vigilance Group.

3. Guidelines

Dubai Vigilance Group LLC provides niche consulting services in procurement fraud mitigation and supply chain risk management, including feasibility studies to clients in the private and governmental sectors. We are experts in knowledge transfer which is achieved through our awareness, our training academy and expertise in digital transformation. Our trail blazing leadership includes providing strategic diplomacy, investment advisory and formulating strategic partnerships.

Our primary commitment to our clients is to meet and exceed their objectives and requirements as defined in the client contracts.

The Management of Dubai Vigilance Group is committed to continual improvement in our quality management system and any associated activities by:

  • Understanding customers’ needs and expectations
  • Complying with contractual and statutory requirements
  • Managing our suppliers and vendors while considering their needs and expectations to deliver the planned results
  • Establishing the company’s quality objectives, ensuring they are consistent with the quality policy, measuring the objectives on an ongoing basis and reviewing the achieved results in the management review meetings
  • Gathering information about the latest technologies and being innovative in providing our services
  • Training our personnel
  • Acting in the interest of our community

4. Agreement

This policy is a clear and concise document outlining the Quality Policy Statement of Dubai Vigilance Group and will be maintained on a regular basis.

This policy is communicated through our website to client and through staff inductions. The policy is reviewed on a periodical basis to ensure its continuing suitability and effectiveness.