Building a Better World

Focus Areas

helping re-establish trust in the global marketplace

We are building innovative solutions in markets where provenance matters and where transparency is key to ensuring ethical trade. We are helping re-establish trust in the global marketplace focusing on specific areas.

Risk Management

As a specialist in risk solutions, we are helping clients make confident risk management decisions about people, assets, operations and security by identifying, remediating and monitoring risk across the enterprise deploying unique teams tailored to a specific situation.

Procurement Fraud Management

Incentive to win major contracts can lead individuals and even companies to engage in corrupt and fraudulent behavior. Staff within the procurement or project management divisions of contracting organizations may be exposed to inappropriate inducements such as bribes, corrupt offerings and pre-contract schemes like bid-rigging, bid-suppression, bid-rotation and phantom bids – amongst many more post-contract tactics. For the same reason, we go beyond regulatory compliance in creating a fraud mitigation environment for our clients.

Training Academy

The Vigilance Academy combines the learning and development solutions that we bring to businesses and professionals in the region. It brings together our depth of subject matter expertise and is designed to develop emerging leaders to effectively perform their roles and excel in a global environment. We deliver a comprehensive range of off-the-shelf digital training courses on a wide range of subjects through our dedicated, accessible online platform.

Investment Advisory

As a result of our role in fraud prevention and risk mitigation, we are in a position to identity a wide range of investment opportunities that has true potential for returns. With better networks, superior analysis and better knowledge of country contexts, we provide not only valuable insights and information but also great understanding of the grass-roots.

Strategic Partnership

We engage with international stakeholders and entities that are critical for the success of our transformational projects specially in Africa and other developing countries. These partnerships are built and sustained in a transparent and clear manner to serve the best interest of the client. These dynamic and inclusive partnerships create shared opportunities and are key drivers of our sustainable development activities.

Conflict Resolution

As the relationships between multiple entities and collaborators increase, they are running into the challenge all relationships encounter at some point – conflict. We utilize the strong partnerships we have within the areas of our operation to address economic conflicts between companies to yield effective resolutions and restore relations between partners and commercial entities.